LEXUSMODELING (LMG) 马来西亚先锋模特经纪公司在 2008 年开始为你提供用中文教学包括化妆, 发型设计, 形象设计, 模特课程 ....! 学生能够我们权威学院加入LMG活动增加更多经验PORTFOLIO

 LexusModeling a famous name in modeling and beauty industry! Since year 2008 we already involved our company and team members in entertainment industry like commercial photography, tvc, road show, stage, special effect, modeling... and we very familiar and understand what is this industry needs. Our makeup courses are special and unique designed to match our student with current market requirement! We maintain and keep our students active and full of spirit in makeup with non- stop supporting and keeping them busy in all our company activity like show, events and job. We will never let you behind.  Our students graduated with high grade of makeup artist portfolio! We provide them with higher grade and quantity of portfolio this is what we do to secure their career in future in this professional makeup industry. 

We LexusModeling (LMG) work closely with major academy in Malaysia in supporting to their student portfolio and link them to the real industry that most of time involve Art Director, Photographer, Videographer, Makeup Artist, Hairstylis, Image Consultant, Models, Actors, Talents.... Different races in Malaysia and different style and color of makeup that always enhance all our members profile and portfolio! 

In Year FEB 2008 we serve more than 12,000 models via our "Wiki for models and talents" website at and in late of year 2014 we offering models and talents search via LEXUSMODELING APPS on IOS and ANDROID. 

What is and Who is mean by TALENT?

Makeup artist, Hair Stylist, Photographers, Actor.....